Covid19 – presjek stanja

    11 meseci pre 769 pregleda Izvor: IJZ CG

Laboratorije Instituta za javno zdravlje Crne Gore (IJZCG), druge javne i privatne laboratorije koje se bave dijagnostikom infekcije novog koronavirusa su tokom jučerašnjeg dana završile analizu i IJZCG dostavile rezultate za 848 uzoraka na novi koronavirus.

Ukupno je dijagnostikovano 113 novopozitivnih[1] slučajeva infekcije SARS-CoV-2.

Tokom jučerašnjeg dana IJZCG nisu prijavljeni smrtni ishodi povezani sa SARS-CoV-2 infekcijom.

Do 15:00 časova prijavljen je oporavak kod 94 pacijenata.

Uzimajući u obzir sve novootkrivene slučajeve kao i broj oporavljenih, ukupan broj trenutno aktivnih slučajeva COVID-19 u Crnoj Gori iznosi 693.

Distribucija novopozitivnih slučajeva po opštinama:

26/04/2023 u 19:18

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28/04/2023 u 00:52

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02/05/2023 u 21:55

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18/05/2023 u 07:47

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26/05/2023 u 02:25

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Too Faced Travel Size Hangover ReplenishingFace Primer Already returned mine to Sephora along with the Tarte big set and the Too faced house thing. The girl asked me why and I said because the quality sucks this year! And I am a die hard Too Faced fan. Never returned any of the products I have bought from them, even the holiday palettes. Brush brows upward with the spoolie to expose sparse areas. Use pencil to draw short dash-like strokes to mimic natural hairs, following the direction natural growth for a micro-bladed effect. Continue to fill in any gaps or sparse areas. Brush through brows with the spoolie to diffuse any harsh lines. Glowy 24-hour concealer that hydrates & perfects for natural luminosity Too Faced Tootsie Eyeshadow BETTER THAN SEX COLLECTION


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